1.2 - 3 Designs and Decision Making Matrix

1.2.1/1.2.2             Brainstorming using West Point Bridge Builder Software

Bridge Design 1

(Howe and Pratt Truss)

Bridge design 2

(Howe Truss)

Bridge Design 3

(Modified Double Warren Thru Truss)

Bridge Design 4

(Pratt and Howe Truss)

1.2.3       Ranking and Decision Making Matrix

Evaluation Matrix

CriterionCriterion 1Criterion 2Criterion 3Criterion 4Criterion 5Criterion 6Criterion 7Criterion 8Criterion 9 Row
Total & Normalised Priority Value

WeightSizeAppearanceTime to produceCost to produceEase of UseAvailability of MaterialsEnvironmental ImpactSafety
Weight -34100011100.36

Size0 -100000010.04

Appearance00 -00000000.00

Time to produce2231000080.29

Cost to produce0131220090.32

Ease of Use11201 -00160.21

Availability of Materials2221110090.32

Environmental Impact2121111 -1100.36

Safety23311130 -140.50

Column Total281.00

Decision Matrix
CriterionNormalised Priority Value

Bridge Design 1Bridge Design 2Bridge Design 3Bridge Design 4



Time to produce0.29102.8672.00123.43720.00

Cost to produce0.3292.8982.57103.21720.25

Ease of Use0.21102.1491.93112.36919.29

Availability of Materials0.32134.1882.57113.54729.25

Environmental Impact0.36103.5782.8693.21725.00


Column Total1.00479.29346.965110.213361.46

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